About Us

Mark, President/CEO, as well as a team of young but seasoned executives, lead the company today.
IMM is proud to support many of the most prestigious home-furnishing Retailers in the world with our products and services, as well as many of the top hospitality projects globally.
Our business includes furniture,ceramic tile, real estate, hotel project etc.Our everyday low prices and high-quality, original items are a great value.
Our Designers are the best in the industry and work non-stop every season to bring you the latest and greatest new products. While we are focused on bringing you the most fashion-forward products in the industry, we know that good design means nothing without quality manufacturing. You can be certain that no shortcuts are taken in manufacturing to make sure our products exceed expectations.
Our culture is founded on the principles of partnership, respect, and passion.  From the Designer who envisions and creates their new idea, to the craftsmen in the factory who transforms this idea into the finished product, to the Retailer who selects and makes this product their own, we're all dependent on each other.  Our outlook is one of mutual respect for all of our partners in business, and we are all passionate to bring you the very best.

If you have any suggestions or question for us.Please contact us.
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